RUGS Group

The RUGS is the name for our MAT Student Council.  It stands for the Really Useful Generation Students’ Group.  Its membership is a boy and a girl from each of the academies within the Trust elected by their own student councils.  Their term of office is a maximum of 2 years.  Members of the RUGS are also ambassadors for the Trust.  The Group meets at least once every term and is chaired by the CEO.

The current membership is as follows:

  • Ash Green – Matthew Allen (Y6) and Emily Durber (Y6)
  • Ellison – Joseph Johnson (Y5) and Hannah Bebbington (Y6)
  • Gladstone – Olivia Jones (Y5) and Alfie Rodgers (Y5)
  • Goldenhill – Cory Warrillow (Y6) and Daisy-Boo Ford (Y6)
  • Summerbank – Khadija Hussain (Y5) and Abu-Bakr Mehmood (Y5)

Their mission statement is – “To inspire development strategies for learning for every child in the MAT!”

These are some of their ideas for how to do this:

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We are the RUGS

Images chosen to represent HQ learning

Questions for the children’s minister from the children of Societas