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Happy New Year from the Chair of the Trust Board –

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the headteachers, governors, staff, parents/carers and pupils of all our five academies as they celebrate the start of their first year together as part of the Societas Trust.

A particularly important focus for the Trust over the last year has been to promote and encourage collaboration between all the academies that comprise Societas.  A boy and a girl from each academy have joined the Trust’s newly created Student Council, who have called themselves the Really Useful Generation Student Group (RUGS). A key task of the RUGS is to “inspire and develop exciting strategies for high quality learning across the MAT” (pun intended).  There have also been opportunities for children from across the Trust to collaborate on cultural and sporting projects, such as Societas Sings and the Societas Games, and there will be further such opportunities in 2018, including a Shakespeare project, a ceramics project and World Cup.

Staff in each academy have also had opportunities to cooperate with other staff across the Trust on a number of projects, one of which has involved working with the University of Worcester to develop Trust policy in relation to Student Voice, Student reliance and Student Leadership.  An important outcome of this collaboration was a Trust wide project that enabled children from each academy to present their views on the nature of high quality learning.  They were asked to describe what high quality learning looked like and to put forward images of it actually happening, which resulted in the creation of data that will be used to inform the development of learning and teaching strategies across the Trust.

The Trust has collaboration and cooperation as a central focus of its work and we intend to build on the success for 2017 in the coming year.

I would like to wish everyone in Societas a very happy, prosperous and successful 2018.

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Graeme Easdown